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Hiking Safety Tips:

Hiking in New Mexico can be challenging! Many trails are not well marked, and in wilderness areas numerous game trails can lead even the most experienced hikers astray. Be smart! Prepare before you go. Recommended reading:

Outdoor Safety Tips from New Mexico True.

Special note: Be aware of rattlesnakes while hiking! They hibernate during the coldest months, but come out again as soon as the weather warms up in the Spring.


Locals recommend:


Hiking Adventures in Northern New Mexico

Although published in 2006 and some info may be dated, it's still one of the best hiking books around

Hiking adventures book cover.png


Continental Divide Trail Pocket Maps

-New Mexico

There are many spectacular day hikes along the CDT that visitors to Abiquiu can enjoy. In early-mid May on the trails near Abiquiu, you are likely to run into "through hikers" who are hiking their way from Mexico to Canada along the Trail.

CDT pocket maps book cover.jpg

AllTrails - Abiquiu

Popular trails near Abiquiu are listed on the AllTrails site.

AllTrails logo.png

National Forest Maps

These maps are indispensable guides, and are available online and at Santa Fe National Forest offices in Espanola, El Rito, Coyote, and other locations. 


Travel Bug in Santa Fe





The Travel Bug has a wealth of information on the local area, including hiking books, maps, supplies and more. They will even print USGS maps in large format, of specific areas that you request.

Travel Bug logo.png
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